Wednesday, November 30, 2016

(Screencaps) GOT7’s JB & BAP’s Young Jae @ Flowers Boy Bromance Eps 1 - You Made It Big 29.11.2016

Still from Flowers Boy Bromances Eps 1 with GOT7’s JB and BAP’s Young Jae. Eventhough I know nothing about BAP and Young Jae himself, because I only a fan of GOT7. But based on the way he’s talking, I think Young Jae is humble and calm person. And he shares the same birthday like JB. Wow !! Early 94’s line... And by the way, JB looks so different in here. The way he speaks, the way he acts and the way he listens to Young Jae is so much different. I love this ^.^ So here some screencaps I’ve got from GOT7’s JB & BAP’s Young Jae @ Flowers Boy Bromance Eps 1. Thank to the one who upload these pictures and sharing with us *bow*

“(Screencaps) GOT7’s JB & BAP’s Young Jae @ Flowers Boy Bromance Eps 1 - You Made It Big 29.11.2016”

Credit : As Tagged (All photos belongs to the owner) 

(VID) GOT7’s JB & BAP’s Young Jae @ Flowers Boy Bromance Eps 1 ‘You Made It Big’ (Eng Sub)

Global Idol, B.A.P's Young Jae & the mainstream and rising star, GOT7's JB! Their special day begins! They've been best friends for 7 years. They've spent their trainee periods together! They keep on talking about their nostalgic memories because it's been a long time since they met last time~.

The episodes of their happy memories of dancing & singing together. And the eating time to fulfill their old desire of poor training periods. Besties' Hangout project Celebrity Bromance! B.A.P's Young Jae & the mainstream and GOT7's JB's first bromance begins now! (Credit : Mbig TV)

I love this cause finally I can see JB doing his solo activities and also finally I can enjoy JB face at ease and his talking constantly without having interruption from the other GOT7 6 noisy members (though I like them too). Saranghae Jae Bum-ah... By the way, JB looks like a cute boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend hehehe ^^. Thank to Mbig TV to upload these video and sharing with us.

“(VID) GOT7’s JB & BAP’s Young Jae @ Flowers Boy Bromance Eps 1 ‘You Made It Big’ (Eng Sub)”

Credit : Mbig TV

Saturday, November 26, 2016

(VID) GOT7 singing 'If You Do' on their Dorm

If You Do still be my favorite song from GOT7 till now eventhough they have so many songs. I don’t know why but I Love the music, the lyrics, their performances on stage also JB’s hairstyle in If You Do era, that’s why I always looking for GOT7 – If You Do on so many version just like live performances, dance practices, watching their MV more and more again, and now even when the members singing “If You Do” on their dorm with pajamas, they still looks so cool and awesome in my eyes. Why JB is dissapeared all the time and only appeared when his part coming up? Because he is the one who is holding the camera...

“(VID) GOT7 singing 'If You Do' On their Dorm”

Credit : Daydreamer

(VID) GOT7 Funny Video (Eng Sub)

I was so boring today, that’s why I searching on You Tube GOT7 Funny Video and finally I find this. I love to see the cute interaction from the members, especially JB and Bambam. I'm glad that Bambam feels comfortable with JB now and I'm gad that JB takes the role of Leader so seriously and helping his younger members. I really love GOT7's brotherhood. JB looks so cold sometimes, but clearly that's just the first impression because he seriously seems to cares A LOT. I love when JB said to Bambam, "You will still be hit even when you become 30 years old" hahaha ^.^ This is the reason why I adore GOT7 and their relationship. The fact that JB goes all big bro and talks about disciplining Bambam even when he is a grown ass 30-year old, the fact that JB basically says he will be around when Bambam has grown up. That to me says so much and means so much more than big promises about staying together 'forever'. How I wish GOT7 will be together forever as a brother eventhough someday GOT7 will be disbanding as a group...

“(VID) GOT7 Funny Video (Eng Sub)”

Credit : Just Whatever Infires Me

(VID) GOT7 NewsAde Interview (Eng Sub)

Still with NewsAde interview, after sharing GOT7’s pictures, now I want to sharing with you the english sub for NewsAde interview. Unfortunately still no Young Jae that time. Poor Young Jae, he still sick when the other members doing this interview. So for all Ahgase in the world, you can enjoy this  video below... Thank to the one who upload this video and sharing with us *bow*

“(VID) GOT7 NewsAde Interview (Eng Sub)”


Credit : Defwang