Monday, November 6, 2017

(Add Pict) JB JJ Project @ Busan One Asia Festival 22.10.2017

Back to my handsome Leader, JB aka Jae Bum. But still with Busan One Asia Festival which held on October 22, 2017. I suddenly found more and more handsome pictures from JB at this event. And I feel so selfish if I just keeping it for myself, that’s why I want to share with all JB’s fans around the world. On this event, JB looks so handsome as always. Nice hair and nice outfit, I love seeing him wearing suit, he really looks like a Prince Charming. Thank you for JYP’s hairstylist for keep making JB’s hairstylist looking so good like this. This is my favorite hairstyle from JB. Well, just like I said before that I HATE seeing JB’s HAIR UP hairstyle, when his hair UP, it makes him looks so OLD and UGLY (sorry), but when JB using cute bangs, he looks more YOUNGER and cute at the same time. But this is my opinion. People have taste, right? So, for JB’s fans, here some screenshot I’ve got from JB JJ Project @ Busan One Asia Festival 22.10.2017... Thanks to the one who upload these pictures and sharing with us...

“(Add Pict) JB JJ Project @ Busan One Asia Festival 22.10.2017”






Credit : As Tagged (All pictures belongs to the owners)

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