Sunday, March 18, 2018

(Pict) GOT7 @ Weekly Idol Eps 346

Weekly Idol menjadi acara reality show pertama yang dihadiri oleh ketujuh member GOT7. Syuting untuk Weekly Idol inipun diambil lama sebelum Mini Album terbaru GOT7 “Eyes On You” resmi dirilis di pasaran. Seperti biasa, penampilan GOT7 dalam acara reality show Weekly Idol ini selalu mengundang gelak tawa. Walaupun belum ada engsub saat penulis menonton acara ini namun gerak tubuh GOT7 sudah membuat penulis tertawa terbahak-bahak hahaha ^_^ They are really funny. Not only handsome but also funny and attractive. How about you? Are you already watch this episode of Weekly Idol ??? I’m not sure if the engsub is already out but you still can try to find it on Youtube. Better fast, before they deleted the video...

“(Pict) GOT7 @ Weekly Idol Eps 346”

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