Tuesday, March 13, 2018

(Pict) JB JJP/GOT7 @ It’s Skin Event 24.02.2018

Still my lovely Leader, JB aka Jae Bum. But this time with It’s Skin Event Thailand on 24.02.2018... Dalam event kali ini, Leader JB tampak cute dan imut saat mengenakan kemeja putih dan celana jeans berwarna biru dengan model rambut diponi favorite penulis. Please, dont bring back the hair up hairstyle anymore, I don’t like it at all! JB with bangs really make him looks like a teenager, but hair up hairstyle make JB looks like Uncle -__- Sorry if I’m too harsh, but every people have taste, right? Hehehe ^_^ So, here some pictures I’ve got from JB JJP/GOT7 at It’s Skin Event Thailand 24.02.2018... Thank to the one who upload these pictures and sharing with us. And sorry if I’m late *bow*

“(Pict) JB JJP/GOT7 @ It’s Skin Event 24.02.2018”


Handsome JB with Flowers :

JB with GOT7's Member :

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