Monday, September 11, 2017

(Pict) JJ Project @ Est Cola Event 06.09.2017

Est Cola Event. I completely forgot about this event which held on September 6, 2017 in Thailand. Well, my busy schedule make me doesn’t have enough time to make update everyday and following their every schedule. But If I have a free time, I am surely looking for JB first. JB in Est Col Event looks so handsome as always with my favorite hairstyle but why he looks so weird with his outfit? I mean that his pant, why the staff making him looks so weird with that pants? I mean, nothing wrong with his pant actually but can they make the pant down a bit? He looks like Jojon (Indonesia’s comedian who already passed away), Jojon always wearing pant like that, always wearing pant above his tummy. So annoying while looking at his pictures. Wrong costumes JB -__- Luckily he is JB anyway, so he still looks handsome no matter what happened. Especially his hair, but I don’t want to keep searching another pictures from this event, because how they make him wear his pant above his tummy really annoying me -_- Luckily Jin Young’s costumes not like that ^_^ Please next time don’t ruin my JJP’s style again. So here some pictures I’ve got from JJ Project @ Est Cola Event 06.09.2017...

“(Pict) JJ Project @ Est Cola Event 06.09.2017”

Celananya kayak Jojon. Gak suka -_-

Credit : As Tagged (All Photos belongs to the owners)

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