Friday, September 22, 2017

(Pict) JJ Project Last Fansign @ Yeouido Fansign Event 12.09.2017

Still with my JJ Project but now we are moving on to Yeouido Fansign Event on September 12, 2017. I was so surprised when they told that Yeouido Fansign Event is the LAST FANSIGN of JJ Project for “Verse 2” Era. I feel like “what?”. I thought the last fansign event is on August 27, 2017. But it doesn’t matter anyway, cause I can see JB and Jin Young once again as JJ Project. Oh, but unfortunately, JB hiding his beautiful hair with that hat -_- Not the bucket hat, but I still doesn’t like seeing JB wearing a hat. I want to see his beautiful hair. But what can I do if he like it? -__- Luckily, Jin Young looks handsome as always, and he looks more handsome than JB in this event because JB hiding his beautiful hair. It doesn’t mean that Jin Young not handsome before, he is always handsome everyday but JB is my favorite, right? So, JB come number one in my heart. Sadly, on this event, Jin Young successfully stole my heart from JB hahaha ^_^ Sorry JB, but Jin Young really looks more handsome than you on Yeouido Fansign kekeke ^_^ So, here some pictures I’ve got from JJ Project Last Fansign @ Yeouido Fansign Event 12.09.2017.... Mianhe If I was late *bow* I am very busy with my work.

“(Pict) JJ Project Last Fansign @ Yeouido Fansign Event 12.09.2017”

JB JJ Project :

Jin Young JJ Project :

Credit : As Tagged (All Photos belongs to the owners)

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