Monday, September 11, 2017

(Pict) JJ Project @ Incheon Fansign Event 10.09.2017

I thought JJP’s promotion was over and their last fansign event was on August 27, 2017 but when I open my Instagram, I’ve seen so many JJ Project’s pictures coming from the Event called Incheon Fansign Event on September 10, 2017. I’m so surprised at first. But it’s not a big deal anyway, the fact is I am missing them so much and I feel so happy that JYP decided to give them 2 more Fansign Event on Incheon (September 10, 2017) and Yeouido (September 12, 2017) even after their promotion over. JJP’s fans on Korea must be very happy. Just like me, I am also very happy to see them comeback as JJ Project even only for just two days.

JJP is indeed “Jeongmal Jalsaenggin Project” aka “Really Handsome Project”. They are very handsome even just wearing a simple T-shirt. The Leader JB looks so handsome as always eventhough he is just wearing a simple brown T-Shirt, I love his hair on this event. My favorite hairstyle which in my eyes really suit with JB’s handsome face. Well, I think you already know that I hate JB’s hair up hairstyle cause it's making him looks so old, but this hair really fit him so much. Thank you JYP Hairstylist for making My JB looks very very handsome day by day. And I love to see his smile too, perfect smile and making him more handsome. Jin Young also looks like The Prince In The White Horse, eventhough he is not wear white shirt but black T-shirt. But Jin Young looks so good with everything he wear. Absolutely a handsome prince. So, here some pictures I’ve got from JJ Project @ Incheon Fansign Event 10.09.2017...

“(Pict) JJ Project @ Incheon Fansign Event 10.09.2017”

JB JJ Project :

Jin Young JJ Project :

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