Tuesday, August 15, 2017

(Pict) JB JJ Project @ Jongno Fansign Event 13.08.2017

Setelah memposting banyak foto JJ Project dalam acara Yongno Fansign Event, maka kali ini giliran Sang Leader tampan yang multitalenta, JB alias Jae Bum. Masih dalam acara yang sama, yaitu Yongno Fansign Event yang diadakan pada tanggal 13 Agustus 2017 lalu. JB terlihat sangat cute, ganteng dan penuh kharisma dalam Fansign kali ini, apalagi saat mengenakan kostum putih yang membuatnya tampak seperti Pangeran Berkuda Putih yang keluar dari dalam dongeng. For me, Verse 2’s era is the BEST ERA FROM JB SO FAR, NOT “ARRIVAL” era again. Why? Because JB looks so cute on this era, more cute than “Arrival” era ^_^ His hair, his style, his smile, everything... I love everything about this era : The songs, the style, the member’s hair also how they always smile eventhough they maybe know that they only got support from half fandom... And because JB looks so handsome and cute in this event, I made decision that I should have make a special article dedicated to JB. Hope Jin Young’s fans didn’t mad at me *bow* So, here some pictures I’ve got from JB JJ Project at Yongno Fansign Event 13.08.2017...Sorry if I was late *bow* For JJP’s stan, enjoy the picts ^_^

“(Pict) JB JJ Project @ Jongno Fansign Event 13.08.2017”


Credit : As Tagged (All photos belongs to the owners)

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