Wednesday, August 16, 2017

(Pict) JJ Project @ SBS Power Time 05.08.2017

After make some update about JJ Project Fansign Event, how about if we move on to their radio show? This time with SBS Power Game on August 5, 2017. JJ Project looks so handsome as always. And I love JB’s hairstyle on this “Verse 2” era. Maybe after “If You Do” era, this “Verse 2” era will be my favorite era ever. I love this era, more than I love “Arrival”. Looks! JB looks so cute and handsome at the same time, even with only a simple white shirt. His hair, his style, his smile, all perfect !!! Oh, Jin Young looks so handsome too. No wonder the Korean Fans give their a nickname “Really Handsome Project” (Jeongmal Jalsaenggin Project). They are indeed very handsome ^_^ Too bad they only released 7 pictures. Ooohhh...I really want more than this -__- For JJP’s stan, here some pictures I’ve got JJ Project @ SBS Power Time on August 5, 2017. Thank to the one who upload these pictures and sharing with us *bow*

“(Pict) JJ Project @ SBS Power Time 05.08.2017”

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